Let me summarize this weekend for you:

I can't stand the rain. Oh it is miserably rainy here in NYC during this very busy week of mine-- priming and painting my new place in BushWACK Brooklyn, packing and moving to said new place, and getting ready for my immediate post-moving departure for a Big Louisiana Vacay where I will get to see my friends, family, and hot sunshine that I miss so dearly (it's been 8 months and my how I have grown!).

Oh and in my free time I do this thing where they pay me money to sell and clean and know about vintage things. It's sort of like a full time job but not nearly as awful because we have a nosh box filled with Reese's and Rolos.

So yeah, I've basically been wearing a duffel coat with a red 3/4 sleeve raincoat on top and getting sopping wet anyway. I did attempt to wear this out the other night. Well, I did wear it, but my attempt at meeting up with some friends didn't work out so well. I'm too tired and wet to have friends right now.



I'm a firm believer that the French have the best style, the best music and the best philosophy. It's all about the Joie de Vivre.

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to Blog Birthday #2! I am not exactly sure where or when that will occur, but you can bet your bottom dollar that Fernando will be there.

I honestly can't believe it. Two years ago, I was sitting on the wooden floors of my large two-story townhouse in Baton Rouge Louisiana, yes LOUISIANA, scribbling out some disorganized thoughts (which later in the evening became blog post numero uno, denim on denim whaaa whaaa), made even more disorganized by my scrawling handwriting and inability to properly map out spacing on paper (not an atypical occurrence)....... and now here I am blogging in NEW YORK em-effin CITY, sitting in a tiny, albeit cozy, apartment, having dipped my toes into the fashion scene at Harper's Bazaar and Three Fleur de Lys (plus offering some minor assistance in styling gigs), enjoying the glittery snowstorms but still searching for sunshine, planning a vintage cocktail dress and bridal sale event, and generally trying to catch a break.

When all is said and done, however, I am kind of living the dream.

Thank you.

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I am alive and fairly well after overcoming a sore throat that felt like fire. Neither sickness nor snow will stop me from taking in this rare and beautiful spring weather.

I'm practically breaking out the shorts and sandals, even if there is still snow on the ground. Look at me in short sleeves!

There is this strange phenomenon here, particularly in Williamsburg, where people just shove hangers into fences and sell all manner of clothing on the corner. My sister bought the sweater from one of these people, and then I added my 1990s floral Cynthia Rowley dress, braided belt, and of course, snow boots. More of a necessity than a style choice.

And the work week begins...

1. Mint Scarf, $2, Thrifted.
2. 90s Cynthia Rowley Floral Dress, $5, Thrifted.
3. Moth Patterned Robe Sweater, $7, Street Vendor.
4. Tan Braided Leather Belt, $2, thrifted
5. J Crew Dog Printed Snow Boots, $8.50, work discount.