Oh! So many things to note this week. One: I'm back from moving (and being sick at the same time, uggggh) and am slowly settling into my new place. Here are the first shots from my partially renovated room. I can't wait to show you the before and afters once it's all done.

Two: I absolutely love love love my new wall color in the morning- a beautiful icy taupe gray that I intended- but by nightfall it turns plum purple. Truth be told, I HATE PURPLE. I mean, I even hate people who like purple. (I know, I'm terrible.) So I think I'm going to re-paint, which is only going to be 30x more difficult with all these unpacked boxes in my room.

Oh wells, my winter arms could use the workout.

Speaking of winter, it got cold. REAL COLD. I literally screamed when the weatherDOTcom graphic read "feels like 8." Are you serious, Wendy?

I didn't know wearing two sweaters was possible, but there ya go.

On a third note, I had a terribly miserable first winter last year and am determined to do it better this go around. New coat, new boots and new sweaters have definitely improved my outlook. Resisting the urge to put on my puffer blanket snuggie coat as long as humanly possible.

Four: Black Swan. Don't even think about it, just get thee to a movie theater.

Target gray long sleeve | Thrifted NY&Co mustard sweater cardi | Thrifted vintage black floral pin (on cardi) | Thrifted Banana Republic stripe cashmere sweater | Zara plaid coat | Thrifted AKA hot pink scarf | Zara highwaisted denim | Chelsea Crew sherpa boots


  1. LOVE wearing two cardigans at once.

  2. SO NICE outfit:D
    i love it and your blog!!
    now i'm following you, and if you like my blog also, follow mine, too :)

  3. You look lovely in your two cardigans. I specially like the yellow one.
    I often wear two cardigans together.


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