What do you do when a bear rolls up on you?

Sooooo... we went camping in the Catskills for my birthday last weekend. Not a very fashion-y thing to do, but I LOVE NATURE. I am a total nature girl; when I get in it, I JUST HAVE TO RUN.

I don't understand it, but even a trip back from the restroom (this is luxury camping y'all, none of that wild Louisiana stuff) necessitates a run. Everyone was like, "Why is she running?!?!"
Planning the trip was a total pain. This isn't the pick-up-and-go trip that I'm used to. No, you need reservations (for a spot in the woods--are they serious??), a car, and to buy a sleeping bag because no one wastes space having one of those just lying around.

BUT DON'T GET ME WRONG, IT WAS ALL TOTALLY WORTH IT. We roasted marshmallows, turned them into s'mores, and nearly fell asleep on the ground near the fire, untented. One of the best birthdays in recent years, to be sure.

After camping, we took the opportunity for a tiny detour through Woodstock, NY. We stopped at a charming yard sale, a unique and tempting art gallery (their words), and THE WORLD'S LARGEST KALEIDOSCOPE. And look at these pumpkins!
I'm kind of ready for fall.

I had this great fashion-y camping outfit planned that involved a turban, a plaid flannel, and some sensible layering. As it turns out, it wasn't that chilly, so I ended up in a white F21 t-shirt, black legging pants, Aerie sample coziest knit cardigan and gladiators.
(I pretty much stole all of these pictures from my roommate and NYBF's blog. Check her out, she's pretty good.)

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  1. hi love,

    happy bday!!! hope it was as lovely as it looks. anyway wanted to comment on the balmain point.. my issue was after decarnin shook it all up, he never quite moved on from that. more importantly, the prohibitively high $$$ just didnt make sense to me (14K for a jacket, tts just killler).
    hope u r well!

    andrea xx
    Life In Technicolor.


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