Saw this at Chanel Spring 2010

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So I tried it out with some gold necklaces

I was kind of bummed for no real reason, so I made this nontraditional King Cake from scratch.

Tastes freaking excellent.

1. Vintage Embellished Cardigan, $6.25 (employee discount), work.
2. Organic White Pocket Tee, $5.00, H&M.
3. 2 Gold Necklaces with floral pendant, $2.00, gift and thrifted.
4. Silence & Noise High Waisted Denim, $19.50, Buffalo Exchange.
5. Vintage Bass Oxfords, $2.00, thrifted.


  1. Love your attention to detail. I loved the Chanel ready-to-wear, but I think the couture was much more fascinating.

  2. dearest ashford, i'm sorry its been soo long. i realize how insanely long its been when i click on your blog and its all white now, instead of that pastel yellow i grew to love so much.
    whatevs. it looks great and im so glad yore back to blogging regularly!!! how goes the new job in NYC? (did i get my facts right?)
    cute cardi. i miss you
    thanks for continuing to be in touch, hope youre well!

    andrea xxxxx
    Life In Technicolor.

  3. Will you send me some of that cake, just to taste? I live in the Netherlands, that's not too far away right?:P
    I like the chain idea, looks like you pulled that off pretty well!


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