In the words of Fiona Apple, I've been a bad, bad girl. Yeah, I've totally neglected my baby blog in favor of this other thing I'm about to give birth to: my very own fashion show!

well, it's not just mine -I've got the help and cooperation from a whole bunch of lovely folks. REVO, best friends, social friends, new friends, friends from the bar, these people are making it all happen.

that's right Band-aids, it's alllll happennnnnning!

it's either going to be mind-blowing or a beautiful disaster. either way you don't want to miss this hotness. I mean, have you seen our models? like WHOA is right.

special thanks to: all the designers for their fresh looks, Purple Monkey Design and REVO kids, Ashley C for keeping it sane and insane, our spicy models, ARTISTS and their works, um helloooo... Otto and TRS keeping it live, APPLE BUTTER + BLACK SOUND PARADE, chelsea's is always awesome, alli g and her mad skillz, Culture Shock doin' the hair, mike, quintin, and matt b, without whom none of this would be possible.

PLUS all proceeds benefit the Grace of God Orphanage in Malawi, Africa. Let's do what we do best -- Spread the LOVE, Spread the REVO.

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