So yeah those first two blogs were nice, informative even. Maybe I’m just in a sour mood but I think it’s time to give the people what they really want and expect from a self-proclaimed fashion diva : B I T C H I N E S S. It's basically our third date anyway and you know what that means. Here goes.

Oh nice outfit #1, maybe if you are Mariah Carey circa “Butterfly.” Oh wait, not even then. Was that like 8 years ago? Actually it was probably more like 1997 because that is the year I blame for all horrendous 90s fashion. I don’t keep up with Mariah Carey because she sucks, however, her new track “Touch my Body” is so fly I'm almost willing to overlook the misery she's created with "Always be my Baby" and every outfit she's ever worn. Lyrics are out of control in the best way possible: “Let me rub my face, all around your waist, just a little taste…” Bonus: This outfit comes with its own “camera up in here” and “flick on youtube.” Just saying.

Number 2 = Sexy Stevie Nicks Halloween Costume? Um yeah… this one is… um…. soooooo bewitching!

Is this clothing? Are any of these clothing?? And I’m not referring to the skimpiness of the fabric, but the lack of fabric all together. Seriously, these synthetic atrocities are, at best, materials. Synthetic = Gross. Who wants to touch that? oh yeahhh, double entendre. Figure it out peeps.

Moral of the Story: Stay classy Baton Rouge.

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