You probably couldn't tell because of the inherent deceptive-ness of scheduled posts, but I ran out of town for a minute for a family emergency (don't worry, everyone is fine). Before all that hullabaloo went down, I traipsed over to a friend's going away party. Good ole Matt is heading back to our mutual alma mater, Tulane, though I didn't know him then.

I managed to score a stuffed dancing goose sculpture, avoided getting iced, traveled in a pack of feather-wearing friends, and received a very appropriate magic marker tattoo down my right arm.

Everyone seemed to really like this outfit for whatever reason. If I'm going to do the 90s thing that's been (re)circulating, well, I'm going to do it my way--with hot pink J Crew socks.

Thrifted Angie Dress, Vintage Slip, J Crew hot pink socks, Natural Comfort platforms, Free People bag